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Department of Administration is headed by
Aniefiok Ukpe Esq.
General Manager Administration/Human Resources


The Department of Administration is made up of a formidable team with seasoned Administrators and technocrats with strong passion to drive the vision of the company.

Leading the Department for a seamless coordination is the General Manager, Administration. Aniefiok Ukpe Esq . He is a graduate of Law from the then University of Cross Rivers State, now University of Uyo. Having bagged a Masters Degree in Law and a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication from the same University, Barr. Ukpe  rose to the peak of his career in the Company where he had served as Company Secretary/Corporate Affairs Manager, General Manager, Administration/Corporate Affairs and Acting Managing Director/CEO.

Barr. Aniefiok Ukpe hails from Utit Uruan in Uruan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. A lover of football and table tennis, Barr. Aniefiok Ukpe is happily married with children.

This department has the basic functions of planning, organizing, directing and control which places the department as the engine room of the organization.

This department is one of the five (5) Departments of the company, headed by a General Manager who supervises the components of the Department which include sections and units.

Administration Department has the sections supervise by avengers.

The sections include:

  1. Administration Section
  2. Human Resources Section


Administration section has the mandate of ensuring of effective personal management, development and planning for the company efficient operation of the company human resources service.

The section which with a minimum of first degree in Art & humanities and a membership of institute of personal management has several duties to perform and these include

  1. Monitoring the security situation in the company and advising the General Manager appropriately on measures to safeguard the property and personal of the company.
  2. Ensuring the acquisition and proper finishing of all manners of accommodation for the company.
  3. Establish standard mechanism for preparing a file index for tracing files outside the Department.
  4. Initiating the effective implementation of staff welfare programme.
  5. Assisting in the maintenance of staff discipline.
  6. Assisting in the maintenance of adequate security in the company.
  7. Ensuring in the functioning of all company antobiles maintenance.   

Currently, Administration Section is headed by Mr. Ebebe Item. S.

To ensure effective service delivery by Administration Section, the following units are attached to the section.

These include

  1. Transport Unit: Provision and maintenance of vehicles in the company.
  2. Security: Security unit ensures the safety of properties of the company at all times. Movements of properties is also monitorial by this unit.
  3. Office Management: This unit play a crucial role in the day to day running of the company. 


Human Resources Section is rested with the responsibility of ensuring effective personnel management, development and planning for efficient services.

Human Resources Section must be headed by a minimum degree in Arts and humanities, Business or Public Administration and must have membership with Institute of Personnel Management.  

Duties of the manager; human resources include.

1a.    Liaising with other section/department in asserting manpower requirement of the company.

b.      Ensuring the constant conduct of skills gap analysis on the staff of the Company;

c.      Planning, coordinating and advising on all external training and other management development program of the Company;

d.      Developing fair performance standards and equitable autrad of staff performance approval.

e.      Ensuring periodic reviews of Personal Policies, Condition of Service, Job identification and Description Manual and procedural manuals for the progressive management of the company’s workforce.

f.      Ensuring the articulation of a proper industrial relation policy by providing professional direction to management.

Human Resources section has 3 (three) units with Mrs. Matilda Ndong Odiong as the Current Manager, the units includes:

(a)    Registry: currently headed by Mrs. Matilda Ndong Odiong.

(b)    Records: Presently headed by Mr. Udeme Alfred Okon.

(c)    Industrial Relations/Training: Headed currently by Mr. Asuquo E. Asuquo .


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