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Before the creation of Akwa Ibom State on 23rd September 1987, what is now the Akwa Ibom Water Company Ltd was known as Cross River State Welter Board, with headquarters in Calabar, Cross River State. It had Zonal Offices in some key towns including Uyo, Ikot Ekpene, Abak, Oron, Itu, Eket, Etinan and Ikot Abasi among others,

In 1988 Government enacted edict no, 9 of 1988, which formally, established the Akwa Ibom State Water Corporation, now defunct.

During the actualization of the African Development Bank (ADS) loan in 1995, for which Government started negotiation in 1992, one of the conditionalities of the Bank was the incorporation of the then Water corporation as a Limited Liability Company, Consequently, the Akwa Ibom Water Company Limited (AKWCL) was incorporated in February 2001 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990.


To provide potable water to urban and semi-urban communities of Akwa Ibom State in an efficient manner with a view to achieving continuous self-sustainance for the benefit of stakeholders.


The Vision

The Akwa Ibom Water Company Limited is committed towards providing effective and efficient services in water production and delivery to water consumers within Akwa Ibom State in keeping with its corporate mission statement and goals which are as follows:

  • To produce and distribute potable water that satisfies international quality standard.
  • To ensure availability of safe and reliable water supply in urban and semi-urban communities.
  • To always aim at improved water supply through the efficient utilization of resources and maintenance of service excellence.

  • To operate a tariff system that guarantees long term sustainability, and
  • To promote a serious sense of commitment to professionalism, accountability and service, along with staff welfare.    


Under the ADS Assisted Water Supply Project, the physical infrastructural works which consist of the completion of existing water works, construction of new ones and expansion of others have been carried out in twenty-seven (27) Headworks in eight. (8) Local Government area of the State. Details of some of the completed projects include construction of Boreholes, elevated water tanks and towers, fencing, Road construction within the company’s yards, high capacity fuel storage tanks, LV switchboards, control panels, diesel electric generating plants, Iron Removal plants, Borehole shelter buildings and

Generator buildings.

Other achievements include water treatment plants, station among others.

The Headwork sites are: Uyo East, Ekit Itam, Secretariat; Obio Etoi, Ewet, Utit/lbiaku Uruan, Ifa Atai and Idu, Mbak I and Mbak II, Eyo Abasi and Esin Ufal, IKot Ebok, Ikot Usekong and Ikot Mbong, Ikot Abasi and

Ikot Abia, Etinan South, Afaha Nsit and Ikot Inyang, Abak Central, Atai Otoro, Utu Etim Ekpo, and Edem Akai, Ibiakpan, Abiakpo and Aka Ekpeme.

Under the ADB Project, and as part of her effort to attaining an enviable standard, the company has undertaken series of manpower development programmes for which have ensured the training of personnels both within and outside the country.

There has also been a Customer Enumeration and Mapping/Geographical Information System which provides the Company with reliable data and information about her customers. In order to make the payment of water rates less cumbersome the company has introduced a pilot pre-paid metering system which has already commenced in Ewet Housing Estate. The Management Information System in the Company has also been .upgraded in line ‘with the global modern Information System.

Other achievements include provision of reliable heavy-duty equipment for hiring to members of the public, and a comfortable canteen within the Headquarters premises.

As part of her efforts to eradicate water problems completely, plans are underway for the company to embark on production of bottled water, and development of Regional surface water schemes in the state.

The ADB loan whose total package stood at N15.2 billion had a repayment period of 20 years, with a moratorium period of 5 years. The State Government under Arc. (Obong) Victor Attah, place a high priority on water supply, and has made a huge counterpart contribution towards the success of the project.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Engr. Edo Bassey Etuk in a team spirit with the Board and Management, is poised to ensure that the company attains enviable height for the good people of Akwa Ibom State.


Like every other organization, the Company is not without challenges, which explains the lack of adequate feasibility of the completed wafer project ill the State, in terms of the Civil Engineering and pipeline installation works. One of such problems and of course the primary aspect, is the inability of the Company to articulate customers to the main sources of water supply. This has made it difficult for the impact, of ADS project to be felt. Another area is that the company still depends to a large extent, on public power supply.

The on-going construction works in the state also hampers the operation of the company as most of the pipeline networks have been inadvertently damaged. Other problems and challenges of the Company include:

  • Non settlement of water rates by consumers
  • Damage to pipelines by members of the public through digging of soil r erecting of structure on water pipes.
  • Non report of cases of broken down pipes to the Company
  • Illegal water connections
  • Water wastages.

Why customers need our water

Customers need water produced by Akwa Ibom Water Company Limited because of the following:

  • Water produced by the Akwa Iborn Water Company Limited is potable.
  • It costs comparatively less.
  • You need potable water in every aspect of your life.

  • Water constitutes about 98% of the human body
  • It is said that he who brings water brings life
  • So; Drink our water and live.

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