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Management Services

The Department of Management Services is headed by
Mr. Ikpeme Ekanem
General Manager Management Services

The Department of Management Services is the support service arm of Akwa Ibom Water Company Limited. It provides services in vital areas of purchasing and stores, commercial, finance and accounts. This it does in an effective and efficient manner for the smooth realization of the Company’s goal by exercising effective control and coordination of the various sections and units that makeup the Department.

At the core of the Department of Management Services is a network of people who interact and constantly remain in communication for mutual assistance.

At the top is the General Manager, Mr Ekanem Ikpeme, a certified professional Accountant and a seasoned administrator with many years of experience under his belt. Having worked at Ivory Merchant Bank Plc, Lagos, Pulse Marketing Communication, Lagos, IMB INTL Bank and Silverbird Communication Limited, Abuja, Mr Ikpeme’s wealth of knowledge has rubbed off on the different positions he has held since he started work at Akwa Ibom Water Company Limited in 2001.

Mr Ekanem is a member of Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) and a graduate of Nigeria College of Accountancy, Jos, University of Uyo, Uyo, and St. Patrick’s College. He was born on November 11, 1961, a native of Ukpom Uwana in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, and is happily married with children.


The Purchasing and Supplies Section ensures uninterrupted flow of production and operational inputs from the stores to all areas of needs in the Company. The Manager, Purchasing and Supplies, Mrs Caroline Maurice Ukpabio is a graduate of Accounting from the University of Uyo. She is responsible for providing supplies to ensure that service delivery is qualitative and constant. She coordinates the section through the Purchasing officer who procures and puts at the disposal of the Company all required materials in the required quality and quantity at the price most advantageous to the Company and the Stores officer who ensures the regular and timely availability of required materials, components, equipment etc in the required quantity and quality in the Company respectively. With Assistant, Stores/Supplies always maintaining effective control and ensuring smooth operation of the stores.


The Commercial Services Section ensures an efficient commercial operation for the Company by guaranteeing cordial customer relations, efficient and prompt distribution of water bills. The Manager, Commercial Services, Mr Mbong Sampson Dickson, holds a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Business Administration from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. He focuses on providing value to the customers and ensures that the customers’ relationship is always mutual. To realise these, the Officer, Customer Services ensures professional reception of customer complaints and speedy attention to these complaints.

The Officer, Billing and Bill Distribution ensures the efficient preparation and prompt delivery of bills to customers.

And the Officer, Investigation and Marketing ensures correct assessment of all premises and proper investigation of customers’ complaints and carries out researches required for making decisions affecting the marketing of the services of the Company.With Assistants, (Commercial) ensuring prompt distribution of water bills and providing operational support services in the efficient performance of the functions of the Department.


The Financial Services Section ensures that, as much as possible, all financial requirements of the various departments of the Company are met and that the financial policies of the Company are strictly adhered to. The Manager, Financial Services, Mr Etim Timothy Patrick, is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants and holds an MBA in Accounting from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State. He is at the head of Finance and Accounts Sections. He runs the sections through a Financial Accountant who ensures that the Manager, Financial Services is fully informed on all financial accounting matters of the Company. With account/Revenue Unit ensuring proper implementation of the Company’s policies and guidelines on revenue generation and collection. And the Accounting Assistant, Cash sees to the proper documentation of receipts and payments made on behalf of the Company.

The Officer, Final Accounts ensures the timely collection, collation, recording and summarizing of the relevant accounting data and other information towards the preparation of the Company’s financial statements. With assistance from Accounting Assistant, Final Accounts properly recording and updating the subsidiary and general ledger accounts.

The Officer Account, Expenditure ensures that all payments made on behalf of the Company duly follow the established procedures and process. With Assistant Account, Expenditure making sure that all payment vouchers are properly registered, and that appropriate entries are recorded for timely preparation of monthly staff salaries and wages.

The Officer Account, Payroll ensures the prompt and proper preparation of necessary documents for the payments of salaries and wages. With Assistant Account, Payroll ensuring that appropriate entries are recorded for timely preparation of monthly staff salaries and wages.

The Management Accountant ensures that the Manager, Financial Services is adequately informed and updated on the relevant cost and management information which will assist the Management in its decision making. And this is made possible by the Officer, Cost Accounting who ensures that the approved costing methods and techniques adopted by the Company are strictly adhered to. And to ensure proper documentation of costing data and information required by the Company, the Assistant, Cost Accounting comes to the rescue.

The Officer, Credit Control ensures that the credit policy of the Company is strictly adhered to and that debts owed the Company are substantially reduced. The documentation of the Company’s debtors and creditors are properly done by the Assistant, Credit Control.

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