Cooperate Headquarters : 62 Dominic Utuk Avenue, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Technical Services

Department of Technical Services is headed by
Engr. Mrs. Ime George
General Manager Technical Services


The technical services department provides highly specialized/technical support service necessary for the timely, effective and efficient maintenance of plants and equipment, and other facilities/machinery employed in the production, treatment and distribution of water. To this end, the department is designed to maintain greater physical presence closer to the point of operations and very minimal presence at the head office.

A General Manager, who is a top Manager runs the department with three operational sections namely Electrical, Mechanical and Central Workshop.

General Manager, Technical Services

The General Manager of this Department is in the person of Engr. Mrs. Ime George, a Mechanical Engineer by profession. She runs the department with three principal Managers in charge of three operational sections which are Electrical, Mechanical and central workshop and training. The General Manager’s duties are as follows:

  • To provide administrative and professional leadership to the Technical Services Department for the effective performance of Technical Services of the Company.
  • Organizing, mobilizing, directing and controlling the resources of the Department for the effective and timely maintenance/repairs of facilities, equipment and plants of the Company.
  • Liaising with the General Manager, Water Engineering in ensuring that design, construction and installation of major facilities meet established standards.
  • Ensuring that appropriate and timely measures are taken to continuously upgrade the central workshop and technical training facilities of the Company.
  • Providing professional advice to the Managing Director on all matters and project necessary for the success and growth of the Company.

Electrical Section

The Electrical section of the Department handles electrical installations and ensures the continued functioning of electrical instruments, plants and other facilities required for the production and regular supply of portable water. This section is headed by Engr. Emem Udofia, who in collaboration with other staff and in consultation with the General Manager, work together to fulfilling the mandate of the section.

Mechanical Section

The Mechanical section of Department is geared towards ensuring the continued functioning of equipment, plants and other facilities required for the production of regular supply of water in the Company.

Headed by Mr. Micah Isong, he with his team see to the installation, maintenance and overhauling of mechanical equipments.

They organize maintenance procedures and ensure adequate supply of tools and materials for carrying out maintenance operations.

The Central Workshop

The central workshop is headed by Engr. Ido Umanah. He coordinates all maintenance and repair activities within the workshop. Plans and organizes major overhaul and repair works in the workshop. Plans and organizes for spare parts refurbishing and/or fabrication. He is in charge of general administration of activities and staff of both the central workshop and the technical training school Maintains and technical training section provides technical training to staff. This section of the Department is located at Ekpenyong Area Office.  

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